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Tantra Massage

Your Place of Joy and Refined Eroticism

Exceptionally Erotic and Nude

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Original concept of the tantric massage

The Prices of our Tantric Massages

Tantric MASSAGE FOR MEN 1h30' - 170€

Mutual Tantric Massage 1h30' - 280€

FOUR HANDS Tantric MASSAGE 1h30' - 320€

Tantric MASSAGE FOR WOMEN 1h30' - 160€

Tantric MASSAGE FOR COUPLES 1h30' - 300€

VIP MASSAGE 2h30' - 450€ with 2 masseuses


Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Women

Ambrosia Massage

Our tantric, body to body massage leads you to experiencing

a very fulfilling sensuality that amplifies

your charisma, your virility and joy of life.

We offer exclusively a feeling of intense

and sublimated sensuality.

There is no kind of sexual service.

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Dare to experience pure happiness

Sensual plenitude, embracing caresses, tenderness,

An intense and controlled pleasure and serenity

Please allow yourself to choose our services

if you are truly attracted by the philosophy of nudist massages.

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Tantric Massage 4 Hands


Discover the benefits of our massages for body, spirit and soul

The sensual relaxation of our massage eases tensions due to fatigue and a monotone stressful life.

Relaxation & wellbeing

Your life experience gets more intense, thanks to discovering the spiritual and subliminal dimension of your sensuality.

Regeneration & Sublimation

The symphony of bodily sensations and caresses

Passionate & delicious erotism

Emotional harmonisation and fulfillment

Happiness & joy of life


"I have lived in Bruxelles for 10 years now, I regularly go for a massage and I know many massage centres. Although Ambrosia Massage Centre has only recently opened, I am sure it will be the reference for an erotic massage with it's elegance, hearty welcome and sensual & beautiful masseuse. The massage itself is very very sensual...I left floating on a cloud."


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Ambrosia MASSAGE

In the heart of Europe, in Bruxelles, on the famous Boulevard Louise, you will discover our new Centre of Authentic Naturist and Tantric Massage.

Come to Ambrosia Massage Centre to experience a unique massage, outstanding, daring and visionary, an emotion of eroticism in its purest form.

Our personalized body-to-body massage sessions being both evocative and relaxing, will bring you happiness, trust (self-confidence) and well-being.

Our News

25 Feb

We cherish the woman!

From March 1st to March 8th, to Ambrosia Centreyou will receive 20 minutes of massage as a free gift, whatever the length of the chosen session. And also, we offer single women 20 minutes of Tantric sensual massage.

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10 Feb

We celebrate love!

From February 10 until February 21, 2020, our erotic and nude massage center Ambrosia Tantra Massage invites you to enjoy an authentic tantric massage.

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