Mutual Massage in Brussels

Mutual Massage in Brussels

Ambrosia Massage Centre is delighted to offer you for the first time, a version of the Reciprocal Erotic Massage - the Art of Tenderness and the discovery of male and female erogenous zones.

Our concept is new and unique in Brussels!

Inciting and enriching mutual caresses

We offer you a reciprocal erotic massage, an enriching dialogue composed of caresses and mutual touches.

The art of mutual tenderness is a physical journey that allows you to discover certain sensual zones specific to both women and men.

Thanks to this game of female -Yin, and male -Yang energies, you can experience the state of polarity and plenitude.

During the reciprocal massage session offered by Ambrosia Massage Centre, the masseuse gently guides you through the most sensitive and sensual parts of the body.

The progress of our mutual massage

First of all, there is a part of relaxation that alternates with body to body erotic massage and continues with the discovery of female and male erogenous zones, through tender and sensual mutual caresses.

After a moment of awareness of the energies, male, solar Yang and energies, female, lunar Yin, we then invite you to gently caress and stretch your masseuse's body and discover its erogenous zones.

The empathic dialogue with the other, with his inner states, with his sensations represents the quintessence of reciprocal massage.

For the massage to be truly reciprocal, the masseuse caresses some of your male erogenous zones.

At the end of the session you will enjoy the male and female polarity states you have just experienced.

The discovery of erogenous zones

Tantric philosophy sees the body as a temple of pleasure, and erogenous zones as gateways to erotic ecstasy.

The woman's body is very sensitive to touch. She can only let go and enjoy the states of pleasure you offer her if she feels respected and confident.

We invite you to choose this massage only if you are the sensitive Man who loves the Woman and who wishes to receive as much as to give pleasure and tenderness.

This polarity game will allow you to amplify your sensuality and libido and discover new erogenous zones that you never knew existed before.

You will learn to feel the pleasure with your whole body.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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